Top 5 Most Ridiculous “Rick and Morty” Characters

"Rick and Morty" \

One of the many reasons Rick and Morty is so popular is the wide variety of whacky characters which feature throughout the series. From butter-passing robots to tentacled aliens and the devil himself, the show has everything. We couldn’t pick our favorites so without further ado, here is a list of our top 5 most ridiculous characters.

5. “Fart”

He is a colorful gas cloud who Morty nicknames “fart” and he is on the run from assassins. Voiced by Jemaine Clement, “fart” is one of the more surreal yet highly entertaining characters of the show.

4. Million Ants

He is made of one million ants and he fights crime.

3. Mr. Meeseeks

Meeseeks are a species whose entire existence rests on completing the tasks they were summoned for. If they don’t complete the task, they go insane from boredom.

2. Mr. Poopybutthole

Everyone loves him and we’re still not quite sure who he is and why he suddenly appeared in Season 2’s “Total Rickall.” His role in the show is as ridiculous as his name suggests but fans adore him anyway.

1. Tommy Lipnip

In my opinion, despite being human, Tommy is probably the most ridiculous character in the entire show. He was abandoned by Beth in her Rick-made world “Froopyland.” In order to survive, he has intercourse with Froopyland creatures and then eats the children. When Beth tries to take him home, he insists on staying in Froopyland where he is King and indulges in a perpetual cycle of incest and cannibalism. That’s got to be about as ridiculous as it can get.

We can’t wait to see what ridiculous characters Season 4 will bring.