Top 5 “Orange Is The New Black” Season 6 Backstories

Kate Mulgrew and Dale Soules in "Orange Is the New Black"

Season 6 of Orange Is The New Black brought us more inmates with unique backstories and also revealed a little more about Litchfield’s old favorites. Here are our top 5 backstories of the season.

Taystee and Tamika

Despite Taystee being central to the plot of season 6, we only got a short glimpse of her past this time round. The backstory showed Taystee and Tamika getting high at a fast food joint when an armed robber comes in and demands Taystee gives him the money from the register. While present-day prison guard Tamika hides under the counter, Taystee thinks on her feet and manages to get the robber to leave with only her knock-off trainers.

Black Cindy’s daughter

Black Cindy struggled through season six with the decision she made to save herself rather than protect her friend. She relates her decision to the time she hid the truth of her daughter’s real father.

Daddy’s business

Daddy is one of the show’s newest and more likeable characters given that she seems to show something which resembles a moral compass. Her backstory shows her keeping company with shifty looking men who pay large amounts of money to hire out young women. Daddy ends up covering for one of the men after a girl gets murdered and the sequence sets up some understanding about the role Daddy has taking in the prison.

Frida’s betrayal

We were all shocked when pragmatic Frida kicked the season off with an attempted suicide, as it seemed so out of character. When we learned that she betrayed her fellow inmates thirty years ago to finish her sentence in minimum security, her fear about going back to max starts to make sense.

The Little Debbie Murderers

Most of the show’s backstories tend to help us sympathize with the characters. When we learn the reason why twisted sisters Carol and Barb are in prison, however, it just makes us feel even more contempt for the characters.