Terrifying “The Nun” Advert Removed by YouTube

Taissa Farmiga in "The Nun"

YouTube have officially removed the new teaser for The Conjuring spin-off The Nun after users complained that it was “too scary.”

The teaser shows a six second clip of a volume sign being decreased until it hits mute. A screamer of the nun’s face then jumps out and makes you jump out of your skin.

YouTube users complained that the ad was “too scary” and that the screamer tactic violated YouTube’s shocking content policy.

One users complained: “Stupid jump scare ads like The Nun ones on YouTube are a sure-fire way to make sure I will never, ever watch a movie.”

Others commented that the ad was potentially dangerous to those who were not expecting the screamer and had anxiety or health problems.

Following the campaign for the ad to be removed, YouTube have taken down the advert. They confirmed in a statement: “We value diversity and respect for others, and we strive to avoid offending or shocking users with ads, websites, or apps that are inappropriate for our ad network.”

Since it has been taken down, however, another user has re-uploaded the ad to YouTube. If you’re feeling brave, you can watch it below.

The Nun will be released in cinemas September 7.