Some of the Biggest TV Character Twists

Yael Stone in "Orange Is the New Black"

Some characters announce who they are the start of the series and have little character development as the series progresses. On the other hand, some characters turn out to be the complete opposite of what we expected. Here are 5 major character twists we still can’t get over.

Abigail in The Haunting of Hill House

What was superb about this character twist was that it’s the reverse of what we usually expect. Instead of it being revealed that Abigail is indeed a ghost, or Luke’s imaginary friend, it is a revealed in the shocking moment of her death that she has been alive the whole time.

Violet in American Horror Story: Murder House

The moment it is revealed that Violet has been dead since her “failed” suicide attempt at the start of the season is shocking every time. Her own shock when she sees her body makes the whole thing even more unsettling.

Kenny in Black Mirror (Season 3: Episode 3)

Throughout the whole episode, we believe that Kenny is a teen guilty of something we’ve all done. It’s horrible watching him jump through hoops to protect his reputation, and we are rooting for him the entire time. Of course, that all changes when we realize what he has really done.

Spike in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

When Spike is introduced in the second season, he’s the baddest vampire on the block. In season four, he gets a chip put in his head that stops him from harming any living things. Then in season five, he realizes he is in love with Buffy – the vampire slayer he spent the whole of season two plotting to kill.

Lorna in Orange Is The New Black

In season one, Lorna seems to be one of the sanest, sweetest prisoners at Litchfield. In her backstory episode, we’re expecting her to be imprisoned unfairly like some of the other characters. This couldn’t be further from the truth. As it turns out, Lorna is one of the biggest pyschos in there, only now we love her even more.