“Sinister” and “Insidious” Crossover Movie Could Become a Reality

Ethan Hawke in "Sinister." Photo by Phil Caruso/ 2011 Summit Entertainment, LLC.

In case you like both Sinister and Insidious horror movie franchises, we have some great news for you. According to Jason Blum, the man at the helm of the company (Blumhouse Productions) that produced both of film series’, there is a chance that we could get Sinister and Insidious crossover movie.

In an interview with CinePOP, during a promotion the latest installment in the Insidious franchise titled Insidious: The Last Key, Blum said that the crossover movie between the two successful franchises was discussed in the past and that the project could become a reality in the future.

“I hope so. I want to,” said Blum when asked about the possibility of a crossover between Insidious and another franchise. “We almost did Insidious and Sinister and I still feel like we might do that so, I think so. I think we’re going to cross our worlds at some point. I don’t know how yet but we’re gonna try.”

First Sinister movie, starring Ethan Hawke, was released in 2012 and became both critical and commercial success, earning more than $87 million at the box office, compared to the $3 million budget. A sequel titled Sinister 2 came in 2015 but wasn’t received well by the critics.

On the other side, a first Insidious movie from 2010 received much better sequels including the Insidious: The Last Key, which was released on January 5, 2018, and is doing quite well at the box office.