The Reviews for “Venom” Are In and It’s Not Looking Good

Tom Hardy in "Venom"

The latest Spider-Man spin-off had everyone wrongfully excited because the critics have come to the conclusion that it is “uninspired” and “dull.”

Digital Spy harshly said:

“It takes a long time for things to really get going and for Venom to appear in the black, gooey flesh. At that point, what plodded along as a dour science fiction thriller switches to an odd mix of horror and buddy comedy. But even that can’t stick, switching between serious, head-devouring action and silly comedy at whiplash speed. The tone of this movie is all over the place, and it’s the inconsistencies rather than the absence of Tom Holland in a starring role that are Venom‘s real problem.”

Variety compared the movie to The Mummy, which received an embarrassing 15% on Rotten Tomatoes. They said:

“Venom is a textbook case of a comic-book film that’s unexciting in its ho-hum competence, and even its visual-effects bravura. Make no mistake: The effects can be dazzling. The alien matter splattering itself around like random tentacled liquid, the way Venom cross-breeds Spider-Man’s skyscraper-hopping agility with the Hulk’s dynamo destructiveness — it’s all diverting eye candy. But to what end? This gateway into the Sony Universe of Marvel Characters (get ready: there are 90!) may not sputter as badly as Tom Cruise’s The Mummy, but it could turn out to be a similar case of a franchise kickoff that doesn’t fully attain franchise liftoff.”

The Guardian also gave the feature a pitiful one star and described it as “uninspired” and “riddled with the poison of dullness”.

Venom is out at cinemas now but by the sounds of it, it’s not even worth the ticket price.