Olivia Colman: “The Favorite” Star’s 6 Best Acting Roles

Olivia Colman is a national treasure of the UK. She gained popularity following her role as Sophie in the cult comedy series Peep Show and since then, she has received her very own Academy Award. Here’s a list of her best roles.

Sophie (Peep Show)

Olivia Colman’s character is introduced as the scatty yet impossibly lovely love interest of Mark. As the series progresses, he wears her down until she eventually winds up as his bitter ex-wife. Colman’s performance has us rooting for Sophie all the way.

Hotel Manager (The Lobster)

Colman appeared in Yorgos Lanthimos’ dark satirical comedy, The Lobster. She plays the strict, unbending manager of the hotel in which the film is based. Her stony-faced performance is both unsettling and funny.

Godmother (Fleabag)

Arguably Colman’s least likable character is her role as Fleabag’s godmother. She is selfish, pretentious, and always pushing Fleabag’s buttons. Even as the stepmother from hell, Colman is still irresistibly lovely with her sweet smile and English charm.

Harriet Schulenberg (Green Wing)

Colman joined the PR team in Green Wing as a chaotic mother of four. She was not the star of the show but her performance is still memorable.

Queen Anne (The Favorite)

Colman’s most impressive role is the role that one her an Academy Award. As Queen Anne, Colman is charming, tragic, and riddled with a multitude of intense emotions. This is her finest performance yet.

Olivia Colman (As Herself)

Best of all, however, is Colman when she is playing herself. When she collected her award at the Oscars, audiences were blown away by her down-to-earth charm and charisma. She reminded us all why Colman is our favorite UK darling.