Netflix’s “Too Hot To Handle” Perfectly Fits Social Distancing

Screenshot from "Too Hot To Handle"

Too Hot To Handle is the steamy new reality show from Netflix and it’s Love Island and Love Is Blind’s secret love child. Oh yeah… and a robot controls everything.

A group of extremely attractive, extremely confident people arrives on an island with the hope of meeting a special someone who will send sparks flying. Everything is looking perfect. The sun is shining, the location is beautiful and the villa has major Love Island vibes. Everybody is getting on well and attraction is already in the air. And that’s when Netflix drops the bomb.

An Alexa robot makes an announcement that causes everyone’s mood to shift from excitement to dread. The announcement is that the game show has one major rule. Contestants are not allowed to have any sexual contact, including kissing. In a time of social distancing, the twist is relevant, fresh, and uncomfortably hilarious.

If the contestants break the rule, which of course they do, the money will be deducted from the grand prize. The more sexual the exchange, the bigger the deduction.

The reasoning behind this new rule is so that the islanders can experience “personal growth” and learn to love each other for who they really are. It is meant to result in a deeper attraction but ultimately, the islanders are so caught up in not touching each other that there seems to be little room for anything else.

Nonetheless, Too Hot To Handle is a great watch if you enjoyed Love Is Blind and have a soft spot for trashy television. While we self-isolate from our loved ones and any future dates, watching a bunch of young people be told that they are not allowed to touch each other is highly entertaining.

A frisk 3/5