“Money Heist: The Phenomenon” Explores the World of the Popular Series

Screenshot from "Money Heist" (La Casa de Papel)

Money Heist: The Phenomenon is a riveting analysis of how a flop series became one of Netflix’s most popular shows.

Money Heist started out as a 15-episode show that aired only in Spain. It didn’t garner much attention and it was a bit of a spontaneous move on Netflix’s part to snap up the show for streaming. When they licensed the show, they edited the series into 22 shorter episodes. It was not long before the series had pulled in thousands of streams and then came the memes and the merch.

The series eventually sparked a wave of global enthusiasm and before long, it seemed to be the case that everyone was talking about it. It is no wonder that the streaming platform lept at the opportunity to create a documentary about the series and its success.

But does the Netflix original actually add anything to the Money Heist story?

In a nutshell, yes, it does. The documentary explores how the niche Spanish heist drama ended up becoming one of the most talked-about series of the decade. It delves into a new side of the characters on the show and offers theories of how Money Heist went from a failed TV series to a worldwide phenomenon. It is essentially decoding of how a show Netflix barely even advertised shaped up to be streamed by hundreds of thousands of people who began begging for new seasons.

The documentary also delves into how the series became a symbol of resistance. It’s got a high-energy and rather than portraying the gang as thieves, they are presented as rebels standing against the state. We get to take a look behind the scenes of the series and learn about the unusual creative process behind it. If you love Money Heist, you’ll find yourself nodding along in agreement from start to finish.

As a stand-alone feature, Money Heist: The Phenomenon is realistically not particularly worth the watch. If you are part of an audience that has been captivated and shaken by the unexpectedly popular Spanish heist series, then it is worth investing the additional hour when you sit down to watch season four.