Miles Teller Joins “Top Gun: Maverick”

Miles Teller at the "Thank You for Your Service" film premiere, Los Angeles, 23 Oct 2017. Photo by Richard Shotwell/Variety/REX/Shutterstock (9168648am)

Tom Cruise and Miles Teller are about to rule the skies as they become aerial aces in the upcoming movie sequel entitled Top Gun: Maverick.

The actor, who also played Mr. Fantastic in the most recent Fantastic Four film, is the latest addition to the long-gestating project. He will play the son of Goose (played by Anthony Edwards), Maverick’s ill-fated companion in the Top Gun movie, which came out in the year 1986.

It seemed like Teller confirmed the news as he retweeted a report by Variety and he even added, “I feel the need…”

In this planned continuation of the original movie directed by the late Tony Scott, the main character is now part of the Navy. He is a flight instructor and will, according to reports, take Goose’s son under his wing.

However, there have been no announcements yet regarding specific details of the story. Rumors claim that the plot will focus on the 5th-generation aerial fighters at the end of the dog fighting period.

Aside from Tom Cruise and Miles Teller, Val Kilmer also makes a comeback as he plays the role of Tom “Iceman” Kazansky. Joe Kosinski will direct the film.

In May, Cruise shared one of the official images from the movie. He teased the beginning of the film’s production and also gave a first look at a more mature Maverick staring at an empty aircraft.

The first Top Gun movie came out 32 years ago and it was a huge hit. The new sequel will come out on July 12th, 2019 and we’re all waiting to see how it will turn out.