Mark Hamill Stands Up For Star Wars Superfan

Mark Hamill. Photo by David Buchan/Variety/REX/Shutterstock (9375765ch)

Mark Hamill, aka the OG Luke Skywalker has stood up for the superfan that has been being bullied on social media.

The superfan shared a reaction video of the latest teaser for The Rise Of Skywalker, during which he got quite emotional. Internet users were quick to ridicule the guy, trolling him and re-posting the video with negative comments.

Fortunately though, Luke Skywalker himself stepped in to save the day. Posting on Twitter, Hamill wrote: “why anyone would ridicule someone so passionate & clearly enjoying what he’s seeing is beyond me.”

He also wrote: “Thanks for sharing your amazing reaction to the trailer. It was inspiring to see you transported with joy in anticipation of IX. Makes what we do seem all the more worthwhile…I salute you, sir.”

In response to Hamill’s kind support, the superfan wrote: “I was getting this outpouring of support…far outweighing the trolls.

“When Mark Hamill tweeted me, my hands started shaking. Star Wars has been such a huge deal in my life from my childhood onwards. I joked that I started crying again, but I did. The character he portrayed was such an influence on me.”

The Rise of Skywalker is due to be released in cinemas December 19.