Let’s Recap: Game of Thrones, Season 8, Episode 4

Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke in "Game of Thrones"

After the epic Battle of Winterfell last episode, everyone was confused about the fact that there were still three episodes left. After that shocking masterpiece, what could possibly happen next?

Anything. Anything could happen next. And that’s what made episode 4 so horrifying.

The episode begins with Jon Snow honoring those who gave their lives in battle. Next, everyone is celebrating the victory with a big feast and pools of wine. Daenerys makes Gendry a lord and everyone toasts Arya, who is shooting arrows elsewhere. Things get awkward when Tormund praises Jon Snow’s leadership and Daenerys walks away, realizing that the people of the North do not love her. This leads her to plea with Jon to keep the secret of his heritage a secret.

Meanwhile at the party, the Hound is grumpy as ever and Brienne of Tarth takes part in Tyrion’s drinking game. Things get awkward when he asks if she is a virgin and Brienne leaves in embarrassment. Tormund is heartbroken when Jamie follows and later decides that it is time he returned north of the wall with the other wildlings. Brienne and Jamie have sex and Gendry asks Arya for her hand in marriage. She says no.

But that’s not all. Jon tells Sansa and Arya that he is a Targaryen. Daenerys loses another dragon and her beloved Missandei.

Alright so yeah, a lot happened and we genuinely have no idea what is going to happen next week. Now that Khaleesi’s army has been thinned by the White Walkers and with just one dragon left, it appears that Cersei has a good chance of winning. She has the castle, the Golden Company and all of King’s Landing are behind the gates, which means that Daenerys has to kill hundreds if she wants to set her dragons on Cersei.

The episode finishes with Emilia Clarke looking absolutely livid as it looks that she isn’t as close to the Iron Throne as she thought. Is our Khaleesi becoming the tyrant she vowed to take down? The question is certainly on the mind of Varys.

Finally, an unexpected twist was Jamie’s hateful monologue in one of the final scenes. He leaves Brienne of Tarth crying her eyes out while he rides down to King’s Landing to be with Cersei. Will he swap sides or has he realized that he must be the one to take her down?

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