Here’s The Bloodthirsty Trailer For the “Child’s Play” Remake

Aubrey Plaza in "Child's Play"

The trailer for the new Child’s Play movie has finally landed.

We see very little of the doll in the teaser but we are at least reassured that the remodeled, upgraded Chucky doll (now named Buddi), is just as big a murderous fiend as his predecessor.

The trailer starts off as an advert for the doll from tech company ‘Kaslan Corporation’. Buddy may have a new name but he is still rocking the colorful stripey jumper and dungarees as the original doll.

We’re yet to witness the high-tech villainous doll in action but we do witness Andy’s mom (Aubrey Plaza) being tied up and tortured. Chucky 2.0 thus seems to be even more brutal and terrifying than the original.

You can check out the trailer here:

The film is brought to us by the same producers who gave us IT. Child’s Play will be released in cinemas June 21, 2019