Four Great Shows You Must Watch if You Like “The Big Bang Theory”

Iain Armitage in "Young Sheldon"

The Big Bang Theory is wrapping up after this upcoming season, and you are feeling like someone is just taking away all the comedy from your life? Well, worry not. While The Big Bang Theory is a great sitcom without a doubt, there are still plenty of other shows that can fill the void. We decided to do a bit of research and managed to find four great shows you must watch if you like The Big Bang Theory.

These shows don’t just share similar humor as the CBS hit comedy, but they are also entertaining in their own right. So, after The Big Bang Theory bows out, you’ll have something to keep you occupied until the mourning period is over. Let’s check them out.

Young Sheldon

Why don’t go with an obvious choice? Young Sheldon is a direct spinoff of The Big Bang Theory, with the same creators and writers working on the project. It focuses on Sheldon’s high school days and him growing up in Texas. The sitcom became an immediate hit with the audience and is just about to enter its second season, so it should go on for years.

New Girl

Now let’s try with an unconventional choice. While the show doesn’t have the “geeky” feel to it, the story shares some similar elements to The Big Bang Theory. A girl moves into an apartment building with three guys, which causes numerous funny situations.

The IT Crowd

The IT Crowd revolves around the three members of Reynholm Industries’ IT department and their everyday lives. It has a group of nerds as main characters like The Big Bang Theory, but the jokes are a lot simpler, and you don’t have to be into science or pop culture to get them. Four seasons of the show have aired so far.

Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley focuses on five friends who are trying to start a company in Silicon Valley and is by far the best option to move on to after The Big Bang Theory. You’ll get all the things The Big Bang Theory offers – nerdy jokes, cringey moments, and science – but on a much larger scale. Five seasons have already aired and more are on the way, so you’ll be set for a couple of years at least.