How Former US First Lady Barbara Bush Became a Fan of “The Simpsons”

Former President George Bush and First Lady Barbara Bush pre Game for Coin Toss during Superbowl 51 at NRG Stadium in Houston, February 5th 2017. Photo by Dave Shopland/BPI/REX/Shutterstock (8269547cs)

Former First Lady Barbara Bush was reportedly not a fan of popular American comedy series The Simpsons, until she received a letter from Marge Simpson.

Barbara passed away on Tuesday at the age of 92 and once referred to the show as “the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen”  after her husband former President George H.W. Bush had already indicated that he was not a fan of the production.

“However, it seems a letter sent to the first lady from Marge Simpson made the former see the cartoon family in a different light,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. “In the letter, Marge told Bush she was ‘deeply hurt’ by the criticism of her family.”

Marge is reported to have said in the letter:

“I always believed in my heart that we had a great deal in common. I hope there is some way out of this controversy.”