Dolph Lundgren Almost Rejected “Creed 2”

Dolph Lundgren in "Creed II"

Arguably the most notable antagonists from Rocky film series, Russian boxer Ivan Drago, is set to make his return on big screens once again. We will have the opportunity to see Drago in Creed 2, the highly anticipated sequel of Rocky’s spinoff, 2016’s Creed. Dolph Lundgren will reprise this iconic character after more than 30 years, but the intriguing thing that the 60-year-old action star almost said no to this opportunity.

Lundgren talked about his decision to return to the role of Ivan Drago during a recent appearance at Comic-Con Portugal, saying that he was hesitant at first since he didn’t know how the today’s audience will perceive the character.

“It was a bit strange. It’s a bit weird,” said Lundgren. “Because at first, I didn’t want to do it because I thought it would be kind of sad… I didn’t want to hurt that image because it’s like an iconic character that people, especially people who work out, really look up to this guy.”

Dolph Lundgren was eventually convinced by a great script and Rocky creator Sylvester Stallone, who sent him a work-out video and basically challenged him to get the job done.

“But the script was really good and I get a chance to show another side of the same man 35 years later, and more of a damaged, struggling side.” – he continued. “I used some of my own life that I’ve been through the last 35 years in this character, so it’s kind of full circle. So it turned out to be a really great experience for me. A real dramatic challenge, but also a great experience to look back at my own career the way he looks back at his career as a fighter. There’re some parallels that I think are kind of unique. Because usually, you don’t revisit the character 35 years later. Somebody else will play it. You get a new James Bond. Except, of course, Stallone has done it, so I guess I’m in good company there.”

We had the opportunity to meet Ivan Drago for the first time in 1985’s Rocky IV as fiercest Russian boxer who kills Apollo Creed, Rocky Balboa’s best friend. Wanting to revenge his friend, Rocky decides to take on Drago himself. In Creed 2, Ivan Drago will not only make a return, but the movie will also introduce his son, Viktor Drago, who will fight against Apollo’s son Adonis Creed.

Creed 2 is set to hit the theaters on November 21, 2018.