“Die Hard” IS a Christmas Film and We Now Have the Proof!

Bruce Willis in "Die Hard"

The debate over whether or not Die Hard is a Christmas movie is as notorious as the question of how to pronounce “scone” and whether the chicken or the egg came first. Every December we find ourselves debating whether or not Die Hard qualifies as a Christmas flick and now, we finally have our answer.

Those who argue that Die Hard is an action movie which just happens to take place in December better sit down because the creators of the film have sided with those of who contest that it definitely IS a Christmas movie.

In a new trailer for the Bruce Willis classic, Twentieth Century Fox has described the movie as  “the greatest Christmas story ever told”.

A voiceover also says: “This Christmas get ready to jingle some bells and deck the halls with bows of Holly.”

As far as we are concerned, the fact that the creators refer to it as a Christmas story counts as the definitive proof that we have been right all along.

Now, the only question that remains is whether Die Hard truly is the “greatest Christmas story ever told” or if the creators accidentally forgot about Elf.