Channing Tatum and Steven Soderbergh Reunite for “Magic Mike’s Last Dance”

Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello, Channing Tatum, and Dick Richie in
Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello, Channing Tatum, and Dick Richie in "Magic Mike"

Channing Tatum gave us one of the most unforgettable movies of his career with Magic Mike, and this franchise is far from over. The third installment, titled Magic Mike’s Last Dance, is coming our way and it will reunite Tatum with the director Steven Soderbergh.

The first Magic Mike movie premiered in 2012 and it was followed by a sequel Magic Mike XXL three years later. Both movies are set in the world of male stripping, and they’re loosely based on Tatum’s own experiences as a stripper.

In addition to two movies, the Magic Mike franchise proved as a lucrative endeavor through several more projects, including a stage experience Magic Mike Live and the upcoming reality show Finding Magic Mike on HBO Max.

Tatum broke the news about the third movie by sharing the first page of the script, followed by a caption “Well world, looks like Mike Lane’s tapping back in.” His photo also confirmed that Reid Carolin is returning as a screenwriter, with Soderbergh in the director’s chair.

Tatum and Soderbergh collaborated on several occasions outside the Magic Mike franchise. They kicked off their professional relationship with the 2011 thriller Haywire and went on to work together on Side Effects and Logan Lucky.