“Black Mirror” Season Four: The Darkest Season Yet

Bryce Dallas Howard in "Black Mirror." Photo by David Dettmann/Netflix

The new season of Black Mirror came out on Netflix and it is without a doubt the darkest season yet. Charlie Brooker spoiled us with not four, but six new episodes of the popular sci-fi drama. The show has an infamous reputation for not only being incredibly entertaining but for the fact that it might be giving us a fair warning about the dystopian future of technology if we are not careful.

The season kicks off with USS Callister or what most people are calling “the Star Trek episode.” The episode will have you on the edge of your seat and although it grapples with some of our most innate fears and horrors, there is a dark humor and gaudy aesthetic to the episode which makes for a highly entertaining watch. Its unique style and thrilling plot put this episode at the top of my list for season four.

The rest of the season introduces us to some of the most advanced and horrifying technology yet. Everything from dating apps to memory readers and human-hunting relentless metal dogs features this season. The darkest technology is saved for the final episode Black Museum, where the audience is treated to three shocking mini stories about some of the most radical and unsettling technologies so far.

The season deserves an admirable 4.5/5 for its creative genius and writing alone. All that is left to wonder is whether Charlie Brooker can continue to shock us further now that he has dug out some our deepest, darkest fears and put them on literal display in Black Museum.