Best Rick Sanchez Inventions from “Rick and Morty” Season One

"Rick and Morty"

Rick and Morty is full of a whole lot of crazy aliens, planets and inventions. Many of these inventions come from Rick Sanchez himself. In fact, there are so many that we had to divide them into each season. Here’s our top choices from season one.

The Space Cruiser

Rick built his very own spaceship out of bits and bobs he could find in his daughter’s garage. Despite being full of empty alcohol bottles, it actually works pretty well.

The Portal Gun

The portal gun gives access to any universe or alternate dimension the user wishes. It’s pretty much the device that enables the show to happen.

Shrink Ray (and Anatomy Park)

In season one, Rick builds an entire theme park inside the body of a homeless man. It is somehow both disgusting and completely awesome at the same time and exists all thanks to Rick’s shrink ray.

Meeseeks Box

The meeseeks are conjured by the box to do a specific task and then disappear when the task has been completed. Use with caution.

Dream Inceptor

The dream inceptor is basically Rick’s version of the device in the confusing Inception movie. The device takes him to a strange world where he meets a Freddy Krueger knock-off.