ABC Cancels “Reef Break”

Poppy Montgomery and Melissa Bonne in "Reef Break"

Reef Break will end after only one season. 

Multiple outlets confirm that ABC has canceled the action drama created by Ken Sanzel. 

Reef Break debuted on the broadcaster in June and aired 13 episodes, with the finale airing mid-September. 

The series was based on an idea from Poppy Montgomery, who also starred in it as a former thief turned fixer for the government of an island paradise in the Pacific. Reef Break also starred Ray Stevenson, Desmond Chiam, Melissa Bonne, and Tamala Shelton. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the series was never a ratings success averaging just under 2 million viewers for initial airings with a slight boost from delayed viewing, averaging 2.85 million after three days.