A “White Chicks” Sequel is Happening

Marlon Wayans and Terry Crews in "White Chicks"

White Chicks is finally getting a sequel. 

Original star Terry Crews dropped the news during an appearance on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live. Responding to a caller’s question, he confirmed that talks of a sequel are underway.

“I actually got with Shawn [Wayans] and he was like, ‘Man, we’re doing it, we’re getting it going,’” Crews said, to enthusiastic applause.

The first film followed Shawn and Marlon Wayans as two FBI agents who go undercover as white women in order to solve a string of kidnappings. Keenen Ivory Wayans directed from a script he co-wrote with his siblings and Xavier Cook, Andy McElfresh, and Michael Anthony Snowden.

Crews, who portrayed a basketball player unknowingly in love with a black man in disguise as a white woman, added: “I’ve been working out for 15 years so I can do White Chicks 2, y’all! Please, please.”

White Chicks grossed $113 million at the global box office.