5 Questions We Want Answered in the Upcoming “Breaking Bad” Movie

Aaron Paul in "Breaking Bad"

Since the news that Vince Gillighan is creating a Breaking Bad movie was announced, fans have been speculating over what the feature could be about. We know that it is set in the same universe as Breaking Bad after the events in the show, so we are hoping that the movie will wrap things up for some of the surviving characters with unfinished stories. Here are our top five questions we would love to have answered.

Did Jesse ever find peace of mind?

Jesse was last seen driving away after being kidnapped and abused by Jack’s gang. We want to know if he got away with it all, and if he ever did make it to Alaska.

Did Walt Jr. get his money?

In the season five finale, Walt puts a pretend hit out on his old friends at Gray Matter, Elliot and Gretchen. He makes them promise that on his son’s 18th birthday, they will donate all of Walt’s remaining cash to Walter Jr. Do they fulfill their promise? And does Walter Jr. ever recover from the trauma his father inflicted on the family?

Did Skylar and Marie make amends?

After everything that went down in season 5, Skylar and Marie left things on pretty rocky terms. Marie blames Walt for the death of her husband, Hank, and it is unclear whether she will ever be able to properly forgive Skylar for her part in it all.

Does Saul ever get his comeuppance?

Although we know that Saul is working at Cinnabon now thanks to the intro scenes in Better Call Saul, we’d still like him to make an appearance in the movie. It would seem a little unjust if he gets away with the whole thing.

Is Walter White really dead?

Finally, we’d like to know if Walter White really did die in the final scene of the series. Although it looked like it, it wouldn’t be the first time that a director has a resurrected a character by transforming their death into a near-death experience.

These are our top five questions, but we’re also interested to know what happens to the likes of Brock, Skinny Pete, Badger, Holly and even Skylar’s brief love affair, Ted Beneke.