5 Important Life Lessons We Learned From Arya Stark

Maisie Williams in "Game of Thrones"

Arya Stark is George R.R. Martin’s favorite character, and she is certainly one of the most heroic ones on Game of Thrones. She has had quite a journey since her arrival in King’s Landing and her sister, Sansa Stark, could certainly learn a thing or two from her adventures. And we certainly can too.

Be Proud of Who You Are…

Arya spent the best part of a season getting beaten so that she could become “a girl with no name.” By the end of her time with the Faceless God, however, she only became more sure of who she was. And it’s a good job she did, because it is Arya Stark that Winterfell needed to save the day when the ultimate battle came.

…But Always Be Humble

Arya played a crucial part in the Battle of Winterfell, but she did not proclaim herself a hero. After the battle, instead of celebrating with the others and being bathed in praise and thanks, she celebrated alone with a bow and arrow.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go Your Own Way

From the very first episode, it was obvious that Arya was special. Those around her expected her to learn how to sew and become a lady. She frequently replied with: “That’s not me.”

Instead, Arya learned how to fight with a sword, only she didn’t want to become a knight to defend her King. When the Hound mocked her technique, she embraced what the dancing master had taught her and became the greatest fighter of them all.

Know When to Change Course

Arya is very set in her ways, but she also understands when it is time to change course. She spent seven seasons plotting to kill Cersei, only when her time came, she took the advice of a good friend and chose something more important than revenge: her life.

Family Matters

Arya may be a bold, independent young woman, but she still understands the importance of family. She never betrays her siblings and avenges her mother and brother the first chance she gets. Even though she ultimately goes her own way, she sails off into the distance with a wolf banner proudly flying high. Because she will never forget who she is.