10 Most Shocking Moments of “Orange Is The New Black”

Lea DeLaria, Laura Prepon, and Taylor Schilling in "Orange Is the New Black"

Orange Is The New Black has moments that make you cry, smile and roll over on the sofa laughing. It also has some darker moments that are difficult to watch. Here are 10 of the most shocking moments of the popular Netflix series.

Maritza and Flaca’s ‘Would you rather?’

Maritza and Flaca’s innocent game of ‘Would you rather?’ takes a dark turn when Humphrey holds Maritza and gunpoint and forces her to eat a live baby mouse.

Piper gets branded

Piper Chapman definitely had it coming but no one deserves getting branded with a swastika with a hot iron.

Piscatella tortures Red

The scene where Piscatella holds all of Red’s girls hostage then cuts off her hair with a knife during the season 5 riot is horrible.

Taystee’s trial

Taystee’s trial at the end of season 6 was intense to say the least. Watching her go down for a crime she didn’t commit while the real murderer sat and watched was truly shocking.

Poussay’s death

The most tragic moment of the series is the death of one of the show’s most beloved characters, Poussay Washington. No one saw it coming and Taystee collapsing on the floor beside her was devastating to watch.

Forced fight

When the guards, lead by Humps, force Crazy Eyes to fight her romantic interest Kukudio, we had to look away.

Lolly goes to psyche

Lolly is one of the show’s most consistently misunderstood characters and the scene where she takes the fall for Alex and gets dragged into the psyche ward is very uncomfortable.

Pensatucky gets raped

This scene was so upsetting to endure.

Hiding the evidence

We knew season 4 was going to take a dark turn when the season kicked off with Frieda, Alex and Lolly cutting a dead guard into smaller pieces to bury him.

Flores gets re-arrested

One of the saddest moments of season 6 was watching Flores get rearrested for illegal immigration while a clueless Diablo waits for her with flowers, under the impression she has been let out on early release.