10 “Game of Thrones” Twists We Never Saw Coming

If there are any Game of Thrones fans left out there, here is a look back on the biggest plot twists we never saw coming. Spoilers ahead (obviously).

1. Ned Stark’s Execution

For those watching the show who hadn’t read the book first, Ned Stark’s execution was the first shock twist of the series. It really seemed like Ned was going to be the series protagonist only his time on the show was cut short by Joffrey’s cruelty. Of course, we should have seen it coming given that Sean Bean took on the role of Ned.

2. The Red Wedding

Even more shocking was the slaughter of Rob Stark, his pregnant wife and his mother at his cousin’s wedding. At this point in the series, it starts to feel like there is just no way the “good guys” can win.

3. Hodor Hold’s The Door

In Hodor’s heartbreaking death scene, we learn the truth of why the only words he can utter are his name. We’re still not entirely sure we understand the warging time travel business but it was a clever twist nonetheless.

4. Jon Snow is a Targaryan

Finding this out was a big moment because it meant that a) Jon Snow has a claim to the throne and b) Daenerys and Jon Snow are related. While Jon was more upset about the later, the Queen of Dragons was caught up on the former.

5. Little Finger’s Execution

Little Finger’s execution was one that we never saw coming. For a moment there, it really seemed like he had succeeded in pitting Arya and Sansa against one another. Fortunately, he met his comeuppance instead.

6. The Night King Captures a Dragon

When Daenerys flies over The Wall to save Jon Snow and his companions, she loses a dragon to the Night King. This is tragic enough but when the dragon is resurrected as a soldier of the dead, winter comes knocking.

7. Tyrion Kills His Father

Tyrion spends the entire series getting walked over. We can think of no better person to take down his scheming, powerful father.

8. Wild Fire

By the end of season six, we actually start feeling sorry for Cersei. It seems that she has finally reached a sticky end. That is, of course, until she unleashes wildfire on all her enemies.

9. Daenerys Burns Down King’s Landing

Some of you may have seen it coming but we were desperately hoping for a happy ending. Shame on us.

10. Jon Snow’s Death

When Jon Snow is betrayed by the Night’s Watch, some of us were so distraught we had to take a day off work. The only thing more shocking than his death was when the Red Woman successfully brought him back.