Watch Funny Honest Trailer for Every Tim Burton Movie

Tim Burton. Photo by Carlos Tischler/REX/Shutterstock (9257511ae)

Over the course of his career, Tim Burton distinguished himself as one of the most unique filmmakers of his generation. His style is often described as dark, gothic and even eccentric but that didn’t stop him from engaging in all sorts of projects from independent movies to blockbusters. He also made superhero films as well as musicals.

Because of his distinctive filmmaking style, most people either love or hate Burton’s works and he rarely leaves people indifferent with his movies. If you still haven’t decided between these two categories, now is the time. But in order to do that, we recommend you to first take an objective look at his films, something which has been turned into a really simple task thanks to Screen Junkies.

This popular entertainment-based YouTube channel is well known for their Honest Trailers series in which they pick apart popular movies and tell you whether the feature is worth watching. You know, doing something that actual trailers should do.

This time Screen Junkies decided to dedicate the newest Honest Trailers episode to Tim Burton and his filmography rather than one particular movie. Now you can see what his movies are all about, the recurring themes and actors, which ones should you watch and all that while getting a good laugh.

Check out the honest trailer for every Tim Burton movie below.