Top 5 Video Games Based on Movies


When you love a movie, it can be disappointing when the sequel flunks or the franchise finishes. The best place to get more from your favorite flicks is to get the video game, where hours of extra footage and story lines have been created. You even get to play as your favorite character. Here are 5 of the best video games that were based on movies.

Blade Runner

The Blade Runner video game takes Ridley Scott’s sci-fi cult classic and makes you hunt down clues and watch clips to figure out where to go next. The LA Noire futuristic setting is also a huge feature.

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

This is basically any LOTR nerd’s dream come true. Battle your way through Middle Earth as Aragorn, Legolas, or Gimli in this action-packed Tolkien-inspired game.

Star Wars Rogue Squadron 2: Rogue Leader

The level of detail when this game was made was untouchable. It’s still one of the coolest video games made.

Marvel’s Spider-Man for PS4

The 2018 Spider-Man game is ridiculously detailed. You can swing through its extremely accurate video replica of NYC, fighting bad guys and accessing new Spider-Man stories. Shout out to the cameo from the late great Stan Lee and the Pride flags added to the game.

The Thing

This survival-horror game picks up where John Carpenter’s original movie left off. It’s so creepy and stressful that the writer actually struggled to finish it.