“She-Ra and the Princess of Power” Season 5 Review

Aimee Carrero in "She-Ra and the Princesses of Power"

*No season five spoilers ahead. Some season four spoilers.*

The fifth and final season of She-Ra and the Princess of Power is a perfect example of a series that wraps up satisfyingly. It delves deeper into the characters, offering them each well-rounded endings while still being fun to watch from start to finish. Given that the first season premiered less than two years ago, it is amazing what the writers have accomplished in so little time.

Season four finished up with Etheria being brought out of the pocket dimension. The sword is broken and Etheria is left to the mercy of the Horde army. With such an epic cliffhanger, season five does not need to waste any time building up tension. The season is fast-paced and each episode is filled with epic moments. At the heart of the fast-paced adventure sequence, however, is the characters. It is their carefully-constructed development that drives the plot. This means we get to know some of the other princesses a bit better and fall for them just in time for the big finale. 

There is plenty of action, magic, and heroic sword-swinging. At its core, She-Ra is a fun cartoon that makes us laugh out loud and pump our firsts for joy at all the best moments. The meticulous crafting of the series, however, raises the show’s status to something so much more than “just a cartoon”. In addition to action, season five offers some deeply satisfying emotional moments in the form of the characters and their relationships. What is wonderful is that many of the relationships that reach a resolution were set up all the way back in season one. Perhaps that is a benefit of all 52 episodes taking just 18 months to make. 

In the end, season five does more than just satisfyingly resolve relationship dynamics and conflicts – it offers hope. The resolutions are not polished and perfected, but rather hint that each character’s journey is hopeful moving forward. At a time where a little bit of hope is what we all need, season five couldn’t have concluded in a more fulfilling way.