One Scene in “Our Planet” is Pulling the Heartstrings of Viewers

Screenshot from Netflix's "Our Planet"

A new nature documentary just got released on Netflix and the thousands of people who turn to David Attenborough’s voice when in the need of comfort were mostly soothed and amazed by the new series, Our Planet. There was one scene, however, that viewers found just too heartbreaking to watch and even the producers have admitted they struggled to film it.

In Russia, the ice is melting which makes the life for a walrus particularly difficult. On the show, we see a walrus plummet off a cliff in an attempt to get back to the sea, hitting several rock edges on the way down.

The scene was highly distressing and viewers were quick to take to social media to share their horror.

One wrote: “To those who say climate change isn’t a legitimate threat I implore you to watch just the second episode of Our Planet and watch a Walrus fall off a cliff it should never have had to scale were it not for its natural habitat literally melting before them.”

Another said: “Literally full on sobbed to the walrus moment. This whole docuseries is so heartbreaking. #OurPlanet I wish as humans we can do more.”

Director and producer Sophie Lanfear told the New York Times: “I really wasn’t prepared for the scale of death. A small group of maybe six or seven would make it down safely, and we’d all celebrate. But the vast majority do not. They basically walk themselves off the cliff.

“The walruses are used to a soft landing. Their depth perception hasn’t evolved to deal with a cliff situation, nor have they evolved to work out how to get back the way they came. So it’s just tragic. It’s absolutely heartbreaking.”

Our Planet is available on Netflix now.