Netflix Reveal How Many Of Us Watched “The Umbrella Academy”

Aidan Gallagher in "The Umbrella Academy"

It turns out that Gerard Way’s The Umbrella Academy has been a smash hit, according to recent Netflix viewing figures.

In life, it is rare for a person to reach celebrity status, let alone icon status. Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance certainly did this when he became one of the most popular alternative bands of a generation. Now though, Way has proven that his talents range beyond music seeing how the adaptation of his comic book series has been watched by more than 45 million members.

It was recently announced that the show has been renewed for a second season. Back in February, Steve Blackman hinted that there could be as many as four or five series on the way.

“I know Gerard has eight volumes in his mind,” he said, “so whether that translates to eight seasons, I don’t know. We combine certain seasons, and bits and pieces. It would be lovely to have four or five years of this show. That would be wonderful.”

You can watch Season One of The Umbrella Academy on Netflix now.