Lady Bird: A Unique Coming of Age Story

Saoirse Ronan in "Lady Bird." Photo by Scott Rudin Productions. Entertainment 360, IAC Films, Mission Films

Greta Gerwig’s latest feature “Lady Bird” is a unique coming of age story with a wonderful sensitivity to it.

The movie is set in Sacremento, California in 2002 and follows the journey of Christine McPherson (Saoirise Ronan), who has given herself the name “Lady Bird.” She’s a pink-haired rebel, and her wicked wisecracks add an enjoyable touch of humor to the movie.

Arguably one of the most special aspects of the movie is the sincerity of its treatment of the relationship dynamic between Lady Bird and her mom (Laurie Metcalf). Interactions are tense and reflect the emotional rollercoaster of adolescence but are also touching and dazzlingly sensitive.

The movie also sensitively explores the subject of class and appearances. Lady Bird captures the heart of the teenage rebel, who is apologetically herself but is still fighting that last piece of adolescent insecurity in her struggle with her own self-awareness.

The performances are beautiful and capture the characters with a unique understanding. The cinematography is stunning at times and the peculiar details of the movie add to its exquisite charm. Overall, the movie is a lovely exploration of human dynamics and relationships, which connects with Lady Bird’s superb character to create a true coming of age masterpiece.