King Joffrey’s Meanest Moments

Jack Gleeson in "Game of Thrones"

There are plenty of evil characters but Joffrey Baratheon (Jack Gleeson) is one of the meanest and most sadistic characters on the whole show. To make things worse, he receives the crown by the end of the first season and has the lovely Sansa Stark to taunt and torture.

*Spoilers ahead

When He Forces Sansa To Look At Her Father’s Head

It was bad enough that Joffrey executed Sansa Stark’s father when his wife asked him not to but what made the whole thing even more painful was the way he taunted her after. Forcing Sansa to look at Ned Stark’s decapitated head warned us just how cruel the new King really was.

Punishing Ser Dontos

When Joffrey notices that Ser Dontos is drunk, he tries to kill him by forcing him to drink a barrel of wine. Luckily, Sansa steps in to save his life but by this point he is already puking and almost at the point of bursting.

Murdering Ros

Ros was one of the more likable characters and when we find out that Little Finger has handed her over to a customer with very particular taste, we can sniff out what is coming. Seeing her strung naked above Joffrey’s bed arrows all over her body is sickening.

Taunting Tyrion

Joffrey’s treatment of Tyrion is generally terrible but his behavior is extra cruel on his wedding day with Sansa. It is a tradition for the groom to carry his bride to the bedchambers after the wedding and Joffrey insists on the tradition even though he is fully aware that Tyrion is unable to carry Sansa.

Ordering Robert’s Bastards Be Killed

When Joffrey suspects that his claim to the throne may be challenged, he orders all of Robert Baratheon’s bastards to be killed. This includes newborn babies.