“Incredibles 2” is Fresh, Fantastic, Fabulously Charming

Movie Poster, "Incredibles 2," CinemaCon, Las Vegas, 23 Apr 2018. Photo by Rob Latour/REX/Shutterstock (9640658b)

Incredibles 2 is fresh, fantastic and fabulously charming.

On one hand, our superhero archetype Bob is struggling with the challenges of being a stay-at-home dad. His daughter Violet is suffering her first teen crush, Dash needs help with his homework and never mind the terrible two’s, baby Jack-Jack’s new powers are more than a handful and his tantrums have a tendency to result in combustion.

On the other hand, Bob’s wife, aka Elastigirl, is out saving the city from crime. While Bob changes nappies, she gets a cool new bike and is the face of the new, re-branded superhero. The stereotypical gender role reversal is refreshing to watch.

As with the original, the movie is filled with comedy and jokes aimed specifically at older viewers. There is plenty of ludicrous satire and parents will enjoy the relatability of Bob’s exhausted parenting and struggle realizing he is more “Mr Mediocre” these days than “Mr Incredible.” The scenes where he helps his son with his homework only to realize he has no clue what it is going on about is also a familiar moment. “It’s not my fault they changed maths!” he impatiently claims.

It is this relatability factor that makes us fall in love with the Parr family all over again. While Iron Man and Captain America take on a villain intent on wiping out half the universe, the Parr family face issues of insecurity and balancing family life with their duties. Nonetheless, the sequel does not poke digs at the transformation of the superhero genre since the original movie. Instead, it confidently succeeds in being a hearty superhero adventure which is fun for the entire family.

The villain “Screenslaver” is also a great addition. She is a rebellious figure who takes over airwaves and hypnotizes viewers into experiencing life second hand via their technological screens. If you were wondering what would happen if Charlie Brooker made superhero movies, we’re guessing it would look something like this.

Overall, as far as sequels go, Incredibles 2 is a huge success. It retained the charm of the first movie whilst also bringing us something new and refreshingly modern. We loved Avengers: Infinity War but  Incredibles 2 is a definite contender for superhero movie of the year.