Everything You Should Know About the Recently Confirmed “Paddington 3”

Ben Whishaw in "Paddington"

After a lot of speculations regarding the future of the Paddington franchise, Studiocanal finally confirmed that the third movie is on the way. They promised they’ll work on it “with the utmost craft and care”, but what else do we know about this exciting project?

New Director

We still don’t know who’ll direct Paddington 3, but we know who won’t. Paul King, who was in charge of helming the previous two films, said he won’t return for the third. He’s currently busy with other projects, including the upcoming Willy Wonka movie.

The Cast Returns?

The cast of the new Paddington movie is yet to be confirmed, but Hugh Bonneville discussed the prospect of another movie in one of his recent interviews, so it’s safe to assume he’s in. Ben Whishaw, who’s in charge of voicing Paddington, also said he’s eager to return during a 2018 interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Release Date and Plot

The plot of the third movie is still under wraps. The release date is still a mystery, as well, but it will take some time to get the old gang back together. We still don’t know where Paddington’s next adventure will lead him, but we’re hoping there will be marmalade sandwiches waiting for him once he gets there.