Every Season of “American Horror Story” Ranked From Worst to Best

American Horror Story. Photo by Moviestore/REX/Shutterstock (1664728a)

As the release date of AHS: Season 8 creeps closer (it’s September 12th if you haven’t written it down in your diary yet), we’ve decided to go back and rewatch the first seven seasons of the show and rank them from worst to best. You’re welcome.

7. Roanoke 

Whilst retaining lots of the thrills and shows characteristic of the AHS series, Roanoke’s stylistic shift made it feel slightly removed from the signature feel of the show.

6. Cult

Everyone rolled their eyes when the creators said that they would be making the latest season of the show political. That being said, the producers managed to pull it off without making it too preachy or cringey. Still, the plots were messy and none of the characters were particularly enticing.

5. Freak Show

Our main criticism of season 4 is that there is too much going on. The plots are so abundant that they become messy and the characters remain mostly underdeveloped. Nonetheless, the season is gruesome, creative and colorful and the season’s inventive array of murders are definitely entertaining.

4. Coven

With its mainly female cast, Coven had a strong sense of female empowerment. Put together with witchcraft and a few zombies, this places is it firmly at fourth on the list.

3. Hotel

Season 5 is dark, twisted and strangely seductive. The fabulous soundtrack and Murphy’s array of eccentric characters (Lady Gaga’s sexy vampire queen living in the penthouse being at the top of that list) bumps the season up to third on our list.

2. Asylum

Asylum is the darkest and most disturbing season of the whole series. With its dank and claustrophobic setting, this season is not one to watch before you go to bed.

1. Murder House

Most people will agree that the opening season of AHS was perhaps its most iconic. With its dynamic story line, involving characters and creepy atmosphere, this truly set the tone for what the most popular horror show on TV is all about.