Check Out The First Trailer For “Black Mirror” Season 5

Miley Cyrus in the "Black Mirror" season 5 trailer

Out of the blue, Charlie Brooker has shared the first trailer for the new season of Black Mirror.

The season will comprise of three episodes and will tell new dystopian tales of the technological future. The best part is that we don’t have to wait until Christmas, the episodes will land on Netflix on June 5.

What’s more, Miley Cyrus will be featuring in one of these glorious feature-length episodes. Marvel’s Anthony Mackie will also make an appearance along with Fleabag’s Andrew Scott.

The season looks like it will return to the season one style of fewer episodes which are meticulously crafted. In the later seasons, Charlie Brooker toys with the idea of consciousness and what that means but now, it seems that he has returned to the “aaahhh technology is scary” vibe, which is more entertaining and less confusing.

You can watch the first teaser here:

Earlier this year, Brooker revealed that he thinks people take the show too seriously. He said: “I think it’s often easy for people to overlook the dark humor that is in Black Mirror.

“Certainly when the ideas come about, it’s an idea that makes me laugh. But then we play it really straight. Having said that, I’m proud to be a morose individual.”

Catch the new season on June 5.