“Annabelle 3” Movie Will Happen


Annabelle 3 is going to happen and will be written by Gary Dauberman, who is also the writer behind the first two Annabelle movies. This will mark the directorial debut of Dauberman.  Anabelle 2 was highly successful last year and was almost the top grossing horror movie worldwide.

According to THR: “Details are being kept secret but the story will once again focus on the porcelain doll that is possessed by a demonic force.”

Dauberman has been a horror-movie favorite of Warner Bros. In addition to working on the scripts for the first two Annabelle movies, he has also co-written the scripts for the smash IT as well as the upcoming IT: Chapter Two.

He has also co-written The Nun, which is set to open on September 7th.

It has been confirmed that the Annabelle 3 movie will hit the big screen on July 3rd, 2019 and this should be pretty exciting for horror-movie fans.