5 Times “Big Bang Theory” Made Us Face-Palm On Behalf Of Howard Wollowitz

Simon Helberg and Melissa Rauch in "The Big Bang Theory"

Now that the Big Bang Theory has come to an end, we have the chance to look back on our favorite science geeks and see how they have evolved across 12 seasons of great television.

Howard may have finished the series as a loving husband and father, but let’s not forget how cringey some of his moments were earlier on the show. Here’s 5 that made us face-palm.

Penny Punch (The Killer Robot Instability)

After flirting with Penny for two seasons, Penny finally reacts and calls him weird and creepy, telling him no girl will ever love him. After apologizing, Howard goes in for a kiss, resulting in a pretty deserved punch in the face.

Goth Girls (The Gothowitz Deviation)

In a desperate attempt to pick up a pair of goth girls, Raj and Howard dress up as goths and wear fake tattoos sleeves. Their plight eventually fails when the girls suggest they get tattoos together, and they run away like a pair of screaming children.

Howard Eats A Peanut (The Peanut Reaction)

In order to keep Leonard away from a surprise party, Howard fakes a peanut reaction. He is about to give up when Penny tells him that if he keeps him occupied longer, she will tell him which of her friends “are easy” (ew, we know). The sleezebag responds by eating a peanut and risks his own life for a random lay.

Robotic Arm Incident (The Robotic Manipulation)

Howard borrows a robotic arm from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which he “falls penis first into.” Raj and Leonard have to take him to the hospital to remove the robot arm. On arrival, the receptionist simply turns the robot off and he is freed. Yikes.

Mars Rover Crash (The Lizard Spock Expansion)

In order to impress a girl (Stephanie Barnett), Howard promises her she can drive the Mars rover. After taking the control, he crashes it and instantly destroys millions of dollars worth of scientific research. And then Stephanie falls for Leonard instead. Oops.