3 Main Reasons Behind Warner Bros.’ Shocking Cancelation of “Batgirl”

Leslie Grace at a screening of
Leslie Grace at a screening of "In The Heights" back in 2021. Photo by Chelsea Lauren/LALIFF/Shutterstock (12012580bb)

Warner Bros.’ decision to completely scrap DC’s superhero flick Batgirl took Hollywood by storm last week and movie experts haven’t stopped discussing it ever since. Despite being almost finished, the Leslie Grace-starer will never see the light of day, but why did the studio decide to ax it in such a shocking fashion?

Theatrical Shift

In an official statement announcing the film’s cancelation, a Warner Bros. spokesperson stated “the decision to not release Batgirl reflects our leadership’s strategic shift as it relates to the DC universe and HBO Max.” Batgirl was developed as an HBO Max original, and Warner Bros. wanted to focus on big theatrical event films instead… but why not simply release it theatrically?

Disappointing Test Screaming

After spending $90 million on this project, Warner Bros. would have to invest more money into a promotion if they switched to theatrical release. This didn’t seem like a viable option because the test screening response was largely negative. Some fans aren’t buying these explanations because several outlets reported that Batgirl received a similar audience response to It and Shazam!

Tax Write-Off

When all is said and done, it seemed that Warner Bros. decided to cancel Batgirl because it was more viable as a tax write-off than an actual movie. The studio is set to receive a tax break if they never monetize Batgirl in any shape or form, so that’s why they’re not releasing it on HBO Max or selling it to another studio.