The Trailer For The Final Season of “Orange Is The New Black” Just Landed

Taylor Schilling in "Orange Is the New Black"

It’s been a long time coming, but the emotional trailer for the final season of Orange Is The New Black has just dropped.

Season 6 left us in a state of mixed emotion. While we watched our sort-of-protagonist be released from Litchfield, we also saw Taystee fail to receive justice and Flores get transported to an immigration center.

The Litchfield authorities still have a lot to answer for, and it is seeming increasingly unlikely that any of the women sentenced and mistreated will receive the justice they deserve.

In the trailer, we see Piper struggling to navigate life on the outside while her wife, Alex, remains behind bars. Taystee’s journey does not appear to be over, and we even catch sight of Flores, wherever she may be now.

Of all the mysteries, the greatest has got to be what the hell is happening with that chicken. The chicken has been a running joke since the show started and was last seen in the trailer for season 6. Could this mean that the cast are heading back to minimum security?

We’ll have to wait until July 26th to find out. You can watch the trailer for yourself here.